Waterbury Judicial Marshal Accused of Stealing 86-Year-Old's Identity

An 86-year-old Torrington man allegedly had his identity stolen and used to obtain a credit card.

The suspect, Mike Jones, is a judicial marshal, a courthouse security officer in Waterbury, who police said befriended the victim before allegedly getting a credit card in the victim's name.

Jones faces a serious identity theft charge and has been put on administrative leave from his marshal's post.

Torrington police arrested Jones on Tuesday after the victim reported getting a change of address confirmation for a credit card he doesn't use.

Detective Kevin Tieman explained, "This gentleman was on top of it, reported it, and he was taken care of by the credit card company."

Jones allegedly had thousands of dollars worth of purchases on the credit card, including money down on a motorcycle and bunk beds for his daughters.

Tieman said it's a good idea to check bank accounts vigilantly and credit history, even if people try to avoid credit. 

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