Waterbury Officer Terminated Over Reported Lies About Robbery Case

A longtime Waterbury police officer was fired after police say he lied about his encounter with an armed robbery suspect.

But the local police union contests that Officer Kevin Siton should have been able to keep his job, citing a spotless record of service and arguing that he did not commit a crime.

"The issue investigated, even if true, should not have resulted in termination," Lt. Nicholas Lukiwsky, Waterbury police union president, said "He is not accused of any criminal wrongdoing and clearly was acting in a brave and courageous way when he attempted to locate a very dangerous felon. I believe that Officer Siton will ultimately be cleared in this case.”

Siton has been with the Waterbury Police Department for 19 years and has no prior issues on his record, according to Lukiwsky.

Police confirmed that a suspect in a Brass Mill Center mall armed robbery a few months ago was able to escape due to mistakes he made and that Siton falsely stated that he never found the man to begin with, according to police. He was terminated after police said he violated department policies.

Lukiwsky declined to comment further and the Waterbury Police Department also declined to grant an interview on the situation.

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