Waterbury Parents Arrested After Heroin Found in Child's Toy: Police

Parents are being accused of putting their children at risk after they allegedly exposed them to sexual behavior and heroin was found in their daughter's toys, police said. 

Witnesses said John Cerullo, 44, of Waterbury, and his wife, Stella Cerullo, 43, exposed their two young children to sexual paraphernalia laying around the house and drugs.

In January, witnesses, who have babysat the Cerullo's children for the last three years, called the Waterbury police to report inappropriate behavior happening at the couple's home.

Witnesses said that the daughter indicated she was injured "inside" and may have been sexually abused by someone in the house, the affadavit. 

The witness was concerned about the girl's detailed description of her "boo boo". She also said she was given M&Ms after she was hurt, according to an arrest warrant. 

The witnesses told police that in the past Cerullo's son had threatened an 8-year-old neighbor with a knife, the warrant said.

The boy told his babysitters that his parents kept sex paraphernalia around the house and he would look them up online to see what they were. He also told the witness that he had seen sexual content on a cellphone video, police said. 

When the witnesses did approach the Cerullos about their son's behavior and the alleged sexual abuse to their daughter, they told the witness they would "handle the situation," according to the arrest affidavit. 

Last year sometime between Christmas and New Year's, when one of the witnesses went to Cerullo's home to start babysitting, she tripped over a toy grocery cart and a black eyeglass case came out. The witness looked inside and found a brown powder-like substance, police said.

Waterbury Police were able to determine that it was heroin inside the glasses case.

The witnesses also told police that she had seen John Cerullo rolling marijuana joints in front of his son over the last three years.

On Jan. 22, the children were removed from the home by the Department of Children and Families.

Both Stella and John Cerullo are accused of two counts of risk of injury to a minor and possession of narcotics. Their bail was set at $25,000 each. 

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