Waterbury Prepares for Thursday's Nor'easter

Like other towns and cities across Connecticut, Waterbury was bracing for the effects of Thursday's nor'easter Wednesday night.

Public schools in Waterbury are closed Thursday. The city is issuing a parking ban. And residents caught up in it all are bracing themselves for the first big snowstorm of 2018.

The last-minute rush to gather groceries ahead of the snowstorm reached a fever pitch at the Shop-Rite on Wolcott Street in Waterbury tonight. Pauline Pendarvis was among the residents trying to get what they needed and get home quickly.

"Crowded and packed. I’m glad to get out of there," she said of the busy grocery store as she loaded her items into her car.

Many more cars filled every parking spot and idled at the store’s front door waiting for customers loading up on with everything they’d need to not have to leave home once the weather hits. Staying in during the storm seemed to be the prevailing theme among shoppers.

"Relax and eat with all this food that we have in there," said Elizabeth Batista.

"I’m supposed to go to work. But I don’t think I can make it… if it’s like that," said resident Tamala Wrong.

"I’m staying in the house. I’m canceled for work and I’m glad," said Pendarvis.

City officials are hoping everyone who can will choose to stay indoors as snow begins to blanket the Brass City’s roads.

"It’s going to be a treacherous day with blowing heavy snow during the day," said Waterbury Public Works Director David Simpson.

DPW has spent much of this week checking and preparing their plows and salt trucks for this storm. The city’s 325 miles of were already pretreated for the snow over the weekend. Now it’s a matter of waiting for the weather… with the hope that people will stay safe indoors until the storm passes.

"We’ll be out early tomorrow morning at the onset of the storm. For everyone’s sake, the more people that stay off the road, the safer it is for everyone," said Simpson.

Waterbury’s parking ban goes into effect at 6 a.m. Thursday. There is no parking at all in the pre-posted zones and also no parking on the odd side of the street until the ban is lifted.

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