No Asbestos Detected at Waterbury School: State

The Children's Community School in Waterbury will be closed through Friday after concerns about possible asbestos arose, but state officials said no asbestos was detected.

The school’s owner, All Saints Parish, hired a firm to perform an assessment to determine if there was any asbestos in the building located at 31 Wolcott St. and planned an assessment for Wednesday.

On Thursday, officials from the state Department of Public Health said test results of several air samples collected yesterday at the school showed “that no asbestos was detected.”

They said two DPH-certified asbestos project designers inspected the building and determined that no conditions regarding asbestos-containing materials were found that would prevent the school from re-opening.

“Based on this information, DPH has informed officials in Waterbury that we are not aware of any asbestos related issues that would prevent the school from re-opening,” a statement from the Department of Public Health says.

A sign on the door of the school stated the school, which has about 150 students between pre-K and fifth grade. will be closed on Thursday and Friday.

The principal said there shouldn't be an issue.

At the beginning of the year, the school sent a letter to parents saying the level of asbestos in the building is safe. Someone who was concerned about the notice took it to the state and tests were run yesterday, according to the principal.

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