Nearly a Dozen Car Break-Ins at Waterbury Train Station

Thieves are responsible for smashing the windows of at least 10 cars at the Waterbury Train Station this week, the three latest happening on Thursday.

"If that's happening then I have to think about if this is going to be a safe spot," Pricilla Castro said.

Castro, who picks up her father from the train station twice a month, said she no longer feels safe waiting in the car by herself.

"Maybe coming with someone else– not alone because usually I just come up with the kids and pick up my dad," Castro said.

"This is kind of a ridiculous crime. We're not even quite sure why someone would take the time to break a window,” Chief Deputy Fernando Spagnolo with Waterbury Police said.

Spagnolo said the city recently removed an abandoned building that blocked the view of the parking lot, along with cutting grass in the area, for better visibility.

"We find in cases like this that normally the same person is responsible for a string of criminal mischief," Spagnolo said.

Police said at least one criminal was caught on MTA and city surveillance cameras breaking into cars and they have identified several suspects.

Those who stop at the station will warn others about the car break-ins until the criminals are caught.

"I'll definitely tell him just leave your car at home, take the city bus down here he definitely doesn't want his car broken into," Alejandro Aquino said.

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