Waterford Man Gets The Runaround Trying To Get His Refund

A Waterford man reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds for help getting a refund when Best Buy’s Geek Squad service didn't live up to his expectations.

NBC Connecticut Responds helped a Waterford man get his refund after Best Buy’s Geek Squad service tech couldn’t assist him with his email problem.

Daniel O’Brien of Waterford says he bought a laptop through an online retailer and set it up, but ran into a problem with his email.

“Rather than drive myself nuts, let’s call the Geek Squad,” he said.

O’Brien didn’t purchase the computer through Best Buy, but signed up with their Geek Squad service to get his email up and running.

“I paid for Paypal and I think the next day they charged my account. And then, several days later the Geek Squad guy came out,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien paid $99 for the service, according to his invoice. But he said the service tech couldn’t set up the email and promised him a $99 credit.

“I said fine. So, I waited two or three weeks,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien said he checked his credit card statement on line for the refund and didn’t see it.

After calling several departments to get a reimbursement, he went to the Best Buy store to speak with a Geek Squad manager.

“He said if you had booked this through us, I could help you. But because you booked it on line, I can’t help you,” said O’Brien.

Upset and getting nowhere, O’Brien turned to NBC Connecticut Responds and we went to work.

We reached Best Buy and in a statement, they told us:

“Bottom line, we didn’t take care of Mr. O’Brien the way we should have. As soon as we became aware of the situation, we immediately worked with him to provide a full refund.”

After that intervention, O’Brien finally received his $99 credit to his account.

His response to getting a resolution? “I felt, I felt jubilant,” said O’Brien. “That was a great experience. A great experience.”

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