Watertown High School Dismissed After Threat

Students at Watertown High School have been dismissed for the day after a student reported hearing a peer make a bomb threat, according to police.

Police were notified of the threat around 8:15 a.m. Friday, not long after the start of the schol day. According to police, a student told a teacher he or she had overheard a peer claim to have planted a bomb in the school.

"An announcement came over the loudspeaker that said, 'Go to your first class, and teachers, take them to the football field. If you drive, sign back out,'" explained Watertown senior A.J. Catteneo.

Police swept the building with bomb-sniffing dogs and gave the all-clear around 10:30 a.m. Friday after turning up empty handed.

Students said they were transferred to Polk Elementary School in the Oakville section of town for dismissal.

Athletic events planned for tonight were held as scheduled.

Police are investigating to try and determine where the information came from and the legitimacy.

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