Watertown Man Asks TV Provider to Replace Damaged Furniture

A Watertown family said they had difficulty getting a company to make them whole after a technician broke a TV stand inside their home.

After making the most of the family entertainment system, Dave Overbaugh thought it was time to upgrade to a sleek, new 4K TV. He scheduled his longtime provider, DIRECTV, to get the job done.

The technician had to come back to fix the box in the basement. When he did, Overbaugh said the worker accidentally hit and broke the TV stand’s glass door.

Overbaugh called the company DIRECTV hired to install the system. An agent advised Overbaugh to file a claim and get a quote for how much it would cost to fix the door.

“I figured I could just get a piece of glass and it wouldn’t cost really anything,” Overbaugh said. “And I went to a few different places and they could not fix it because it’s almost put together like stained glass.”

Once Overbaugh told the company he couldn’t get the glass pane fixed, they told him to find a comparable replacement.

When he did, he said he waited almost two months without a response. When he finally heard from the company, he found out his claim was denied.

“One time I spent almost two hours on the phone with somebody, but there’s nothing they could do,” Overbaugh said.

Out of options, Overbaugh turned to NBC Connecticut Responds.

Within days of our consumer team reaching out to DIRECTV, Overbaugh got another call. This time, it was good news.

A representative told Overbaugh they couldn’t give him cash reimbursement, but wanted to make things right.

The representative offered monthly credits on his bill, worth a total of $480. DIRECTV also offered to give him two premium channels for six months, worth an additional $192.

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