Watertown Teens Arrested for Stealing 8 Guns: Police

Two Watertown High School students were arrested this week, when their principal made a startling discovery, according to police.

Both teens are facing multiple criminal charges after police said they broke into a home in the Oakville section of town and stole eight weapons, which included handguns and rifles. Investigators said the homeowner did not even know he was victimized until police told him.

Students said they’re shaken up by the incident and wondered what the teens planned to do with those guns.

“Honestly it scares the crap out of me,” explained student J.J. Ortiz. “I can’t deal with the fact that students would steal guns and maybe bring them to school.”

“This is a big worry for the community,” said Alex Lajoie.

Police said the guns never made it inside the high school, but that they too were concerned about the suspects’ intentions.

“The big concern was what were they going to do with these guns,” said Deputy Chief Robert Desena of the Watertown Police Department.

School officials said the principal tipped off police three weeks ago. She talked to to one of the teens after he got into a fight at school and learned he had guns off campus.

“The fear that remained with us was that they would be used to commit a crime,” Desena said.

Investigators said most of the weapons were found at the teens’ homes but that two were still unaccounted for. Police hoped the suspects would give up that information with criminal charges pending.

“These juveniles had to be taken off the streets,” said Desena.

Watertown High School students said they were relieved the teens were caught before someone got hurt.

“I’m thankful…I don't know if an officer would be able to stop them if they both had guns on them,” said Ortiz.

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