Way to Go, Fellas: Hartford A “Hardest” City

Ladies, you’re welcome. 

Hartford has been ranked the second “hardest” city by Men’s Health magazine. Yes. Like *that* type of hard. 

Now before you start writing a pissy note to our corporate bosses, consider the science behind the study.

Technically, Hartford was ranked the second “lowest risk of erectile dysfunction,” a very serious, non-laughable condition. (Just check out the people in the Viagra and Cialis ads. They’re not laughing. They’re having a great time.) 

The minds at Men’s Health calculated a bunch of factors – smoking, obesity, diabetes, exercise, urologists and access to ED drugs – to come up with their “hardest” and “limpest” of 100 major cities.

We fared pretty well in the smoking and urologist categories – the second lowest percentage of male smokers and the second highest percentage of urologists per 100,000 men.

In terms of ED drug prescriptions filled in 2007, Hartford ranks 21st. In case you were curious, the top nine pill-popping cities are in the south: Columbia, S.C. had the most, followed by Montgomery and Birmingham, AL, and then a ton in North Carolina.

What kept us from being the “hardest” city? Well, it turns out we don’t do a great job in the exercise department. We’re ranked 75th for the percentage of men working out more than three times a week. 

You can check out the rankings, thanks to Men’s Health, here.

So there you have it, folks. Go ahead and have a stiff drink to celebrate, Hartford.

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