George Floyd

‘We All Need to Be United': Protesters March in Hamden

Activists remembered George Floyd just days before his funeral in Texas.

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From marching through the streets to temporarily shutting down a stretch of the Wilbur Cross Parkway, hundreds hoped to spread their message in Hamden and beyond.

“I think we all need to be united right now and show the American spirit that we all love,” said Tasha Brown of Waterbury.

George Floyd's death reignited demands for more police accountability and calls for greater equality.

“I think it’s important, though we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, war has pretty much been waged in our communities for years and years and if we don’t take the time to speak up about it, I don’t think things are ever going to change,” said Abdul Osmanu of Hamden.

Some believe it’s time to start a step-by-step defunding of police and using the saved money for social services.

Other changes for officers are top of mind for many, including Hamden Councilman Brad Macdowall.

 “We’re talking about ending police pursuits for non-violent crimes. If we are chasing somebody for a property crime, it doesn’t make any sense. It puts everybody in danger just for a property crime,” said Macdowall.

Macdowall would also like to strengthen the powers of a police civilian review board, which would take local and state measures to enact.

The councilman says that when people come together like they did on Sunday, it forces other lawmakers to pay attention and take action.

That’s part of why many hope the recent energy continues until Election Day in November and into the future.

“Like a friend of mine said, everyone can do something. So whether you protest, vote, organize, help out, there is enough work for everybody. So I think that’s how it can sustain rather than having it on the shoulders of a few people,” said David Canton of Hamden.

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