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‘We Love You, Trenton': East Haven Comes Together for Boy With Inoperable Tumor

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The mayor of East Haven, Joseph Carfora, has proclaimed Jan. 2 as “Trenton Day” for Trenton O’Brien.

Doctors found a tumor in the 7-year-old’s brain and he was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, otherwise known as a DIPG. It is inoperable and incurable, according to Jess O’Brien, a family friend.

To show support, Trenton’s classmates and teachers at Momauguin Elementary School wore yellow shirts and yellow ribbons on Thursday, as well as donated to his family. It was part of an ongoing effort over the last few months to show support, including having a pasta dinner and charity walk and fundraiser.

Despite battling for months and undergoing weeks of radiation this summer to shrink the tumor, Trenton’s condition is worsening. In an online fundraising site, O’Brien posted that Trenton was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve and has been home, but on hospice.

In a matter of 12 hours while at the hospital, Trenton went from being able to feed himself and sit up without help and walk with minimal assistance to having total right-side paralysis, Jess O'Brien said.

The tumor grew that fast. It’s pushing down on his spinal cord and causing cerebral spinal fluid to building up and there’s nowhere for it to go. Unfortunately, Trenton is declining rapidly, Jess O'Brien said.

It is heartbreaking news for Davia Burke, Tenton’s first-grade teacher.

“It was hard and it’s hard to think of this young boy who seemed so lively and energetic to take this turn for the worse. But he’s a strong little boy and I know he’s been fighting very hard,” Burke said.

She said it’s been great to see the community come together and support him and his family.

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