‘We Need to Say to Them You Matter': Black Lives Matter Rally Held in Bloomfield

The event brought together students, parents and teachers.

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There was a show of support and an effort to bring about change as people in Bloomfield gathered for a Black Lives Matter march and rally on Thursday.

“I think it’s important for my son to see and witness what’s going on. This is history in the making,” said Paula Raines of Bloomfield.

Organizers called it “Black Lives Matter in Bloomfield Schools: A Community March for Students, Teachers and Families.”

“The majority of our students are black and brown and we need to say to them 'you matter, your lives matter, we have your back forever,'” said Mary Kay Rendock, a Bloomfield teacher.

They pulled it together after seeing similar events elsewhere in the state.

“One day, I thought we need to do something like that,” said Mary Kay Rendock.

Some feel while many people struggle, now is the time to focus on the particular challenges facing the black and brown communities.

“It’s also unfair because black people are getting killed just because of their race,” said Jacob Raines of Bloomfield.

Many event-goers praised Bloomfield schools.

Though, they believe there is always room for improvement, including when it comes to technology and the education of students.

“What are we doing to make it equitable, to provide access to these kids and teaching them about themselves and their histories,” said Sally Etiene, a Bloomfield teacher.

As they later gathered for poetry, music and speeches, there was optimism for change among the group which represented all seven of the town’s schools.

“That’s why I’m here today: to resolve this situation,” said one student.

The superintendent says honest conversations about race, racism and stereotypes will continue in classes when school starts in the fall.

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