‘We Want Justice for Our Mom': Plea From Family of Hartford Grandmother Shot and Killed

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The family of the grandmother shot and killed while cooking dinner in her apartment in Hartford last week is pleading for justice.

They are hoping someone comes forward and helps catch the shooter.

Days after the passing of the beloved grandmother, members of her family and others gathered for a vigil to remember Sylvia Cordova.

“It’s more so shock, shock. We still can’t believe it,” said Taisuee Perez, Cordova’s daughter.

They stood just feet from the 56-year-old’s apartment on Sisson Avenue in Hartford where police say a drive-by shooting killed Cordova, who was cooking dinner inside at the time.

“I feel so bad about this lady being in her house and I think about it could have been me in my house cooking and all of a sudden bullets flying,” said Carol Dorsey of Mothers United Against Violence.

Police think she was the unintended victim and that someone else was supposed to have been targeted in the area in connection to some type of dispute.

Hartford’s mayor said detectives are working around the clock to solve a crime so many consider heartbreaking.

“We have seen so much tragedy this year and this one is so painful for our community,” said Mayor Luke Bronin, D – Hartford.

“My mom was a happy, sweet person,” said Taisuee Perez.

Perez said her mom – known as “Pebbles” - leaves behind six kids and 13 grand kids, as well as a dog.

“She always said dogs were her babies too and that if anything happened to her, we have to take care of the dog,” said Perez.

Perez said her mom’s pride and joy was her large family and she loved cooking and taking care of others. Now they are hoping whoever took her away from them is held responsible.

“We just want justice. So if anybody knows anything just say it. Don’t stay quiet,” said Perez.

Detectives said they’ve already found the assault rifle they believe was used in the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to let police know.

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