‘We Will Never Forget:' Remembering a Stonington Grad, Victim of 9/11 Attack

Joshua Piver, a 1996 Stonington High School graduate, was working on the 105th floor of 1 World Trade Center on 9/11.

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In September of 2001, Joshua Piver was 23 years old. He had just moved to Brooklyn with a group of friends and landed a job working in Manhattan. On September 11, 2001, he started his day like so many other people across the country.

"He just got up and went to work," said Erika Piver, Josh's older sister.

Josh was working for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of 1 World Trade Center. He died during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

"It feels like yesterday," said Piver, on the 19th anniversary of the attack. "When big things happen like this, we kind of forget the people involved. Remembering the real people helps understand the impact."

Piver said that her brother was fun and quiet. He was a hard worker and knew how to achieve his goals, but also knew how to enjoy life.

There is a bench dedicated to Josh at Stonington Point. The quote on the bench reads, "play music, walk on the beach, I won't be far from reach."

"I think that says a lot about who he was," said Piver. "He was quiet, but he was always there.”

In the 19 years since Josh's death, the Town of Stonington has worked to make sure that his legacy lives on.

In 2002, the soccer field at Stonington High School was named Piver Field in honor of Josh. Adding to the field, the high school unveiled a new scoreboard today in Josh's name as well. They raised about $11,000 to have the Josh Piver scoreboard officially installed.

“Our students were not alive when this happened, so it has been really special for them to realize that impact," said Bryan Morrone, athletic director for Stonington High School. “We will never forget Joshua Piver and what he meant to our community.”

Students at Stonington High School also observe a moment of silence for Josh every year on 9/11.

“It has helped through the last 19 years to know that so many people care and that so many people are going to work hard to keep his memory alive here," said Piver.

Perhaps one of the most tangible ways Josh's legacy lives on is through the Josh Piver Scholarship Foundation. Every year a student receives a scholarship in Josh's name.

Fundraising this year has been impacted by COVID-19. More information on how to donate to the scholarship fund can be found here.

Piver said that she wants people to remember the way her brother lived his life. She said that he was happy and was an amazing son, brother and grandson. But she also wants people to learn from how he died.

“The core of what happened that day was hate. I want people to really sit down and get to know someone who might not have the same beliefs as you," said Piver. "Try to get past all of that."

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