Week-Old Kittens and Mother Rescued After Being Abandoned in Container

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A vocal 1-week-old kitten named Metallica is safe and sound with his newly-named brothers, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and mom Stevie Nicks. They’re getting a second chance at their foster home with Karyn Putney.

“They are all doing awesome. I’m really optimistic that we’re definitely on the right path with them, and they’re really improving,” said Putney, a Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter volunteer.

Whether they’d make it was very much in question Saturday night when a Good Samaritan stopped to check out a latched container left somewhere near the Valley on the side of the road.

“Somebody had found a Tupperware-type container with a mom cat and four babies inside, and when they were found, they were unconscious,” said Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Director Laura Burban.

Burban says they were suffocating inside and that mom went temporarily blind due to a lack of oxygen. With the help of multiple people and a call to Burban, the animals were taken to an emergency vet. One of the kittens died, and all four had puncture marks on their back from mom.

“The mom was desperately trying to get the babies out of the container and probably trying to grab them frantically and claw her way out. So it looked as though maybe she had grabbed them fiercely trying to help save their lives,” said Burban.

On Wednesday, mom kept a close eye on the kittens. Aerosmith is getting some extra supplements to help with his recovery.

Because multiple people were involved in helping the animals, it’s unknown exactly where they were dumped, so a police report can’t be filed due to unknown jurisdiction. Authorities are hoping that someone recognizes the 1-year-old cat who has distinct markings on her back, including an upside-down heart and three circles. They also want people to know that if you can’t keep a pet, reach out for help.

“Even if we can’t take the animals in because we’re full, we’re happy to at least help them with what to do,” said Burban.

For help, you can call the animal shelter at 203-315-4125 or you can email

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter says they’ll be posting updates about the cat and her kittens on their Facebook page. They also have information on how you can donate to help with their care.

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