West Hartford Approves Ordinance to Combat Entertainment Noise

The West Hartford Town Council has approved an ordinance that will require businesses apply for an entertainment license and shut the music off a half-hour before closing.

According to West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor an ordinance has been in the works since 2013. With more restaurants and businesses coming to the area the council wanted a measure to maintain a comfortable work and living environment.

“We have a really special center of town that is very vibrant, it's a regional draw,” Cantor said. “We also have an incredibly important desirable neighborhood for people to live in.”

Cantor says the town has received periodic noise and behavior complaints from the center, but more complaints were concentrated around Los Imperios, located at 904 Farmington Avenue.

West Hartford police requested a summary suspension for the restaurant through the Department of Consumer Protection after a shooting took place there at the beginning of September.

“It was frustrating and kind of scary to see the shots fired that night while we were home,” said Farmington Avenue resident Mark Grudzien. “I guess it is a question of finding the right balance to make sure everyone is safe and that everyone is comfortable living in this great community, but that people can still come here and have a good time.”

According to Cantor the ordinance is “not geared toward any one business throughout any area of our town,” instead she says it is being put in place to make sure all businesses are successful.

“The police chief will work with the business establishment to develop a plan on how they can best address their issues so they can be successful and be great additions to the neighborhood rather than a detraction,” Cantor said.

There is no fee for the entertainment license but businesses could face a $250 fine if they do not apply and receive one.

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