New England

West Hartford Bulldogs Prepare to Represent New England in Cal Ripken World Series

The West Hartford Bulldogs won the New England Region Title to earn a spot in the Cal Ripken World Series. The 12U Bulldogs will head to Branson, Missouri for the competition and their first game is scheduled for August 3rd.

“It’s been fun, it’s been fun with my friends and working together to get the wins,” said pitcher and outfielder Jonah Balcerzak.

“It will really be a great time traveling to Missouri,” added pitcher and first baseman James Fagnant. “I think it will be cool playing the different countries and all the people from all around the world.”

“New England is pretty competitive at the Cal Ripken level but when you bring all the other regions in and throw in ten other countries because it’s an international competition, it’s going to be top notch,” said manager Rob Hanawalt. “That’s what I’m looking forward to, taking that next level of competition for these players.

The West Hartford Bulldogs leave for Missouri on July 31st.

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