West Hartford Businessman Owns Horse Running in Kentucky Derby

Out of the gate, Michael Gualtieri will tell you exactly where you’ll find his horse My Boy Jack.

“He will always be in the back of the pack,” Gualtieri said.

The 3-year-old is now a Kentucky Derby contender, making Gualtieri, the president of ProCourier in West Hartford, a first-time Derby horse owner.

“I don't think it’s still hit me properly,” Gualtieri said.

The West Hartford business owner and partners have owned a stable for years.

“I had a casual interest just enough to be dangerous,” Gualtieri said.

It wasn’t until buying My Boy Jack in 2016 that the interest became an investment.

His win at the Stone Street Lexington just weeks ago was enough to take him to the Derby next week.

“I try not to think too much,” Gualtieri said.

While Gualtieri tries not to look at the odds, he can’t help but smile when the thinks of the horse that could take the more than a million dollar prize.

“You wouldn't look at him and say he's a champion, he's got the heart of a champion, he's good,” Gualtieri said.

You can watch My Boy Jack in the Run for the Roses Saturday, May 5 on NBC Connecticut.

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