West Hartford Church Hosts Massive Easter Egg Hunt

Mixing the message of Easter with the fun the holiday brings, on Sunday a West Hartford church drew more than a thousand parishioners with one of the largest Easter egg hunts in the region.

For almost a decade, Calvary Fellowship has capped off its Easter services with an Easter egg hunt, open not just to members but anyone in the community. The only rule is that you must attend one of two morning services first.

“Church isn’t always something people consider to be fun,” explained Bill LaMorey, Calvary Fellowship’s lead pastor, of why they hold the hunt each year. “Some people actually say this is a great place and I want to be a part of this church community, some just come for the egg hunt and say we’ll see you next year, and that’s ok too, we’re happy to have them.”

On a typical Sunday, Calvary sees 500 parishioners in its pews. On Easter, attendance nearly triples.

“It’s a nice place to gather and have everybody come in to really get a sense of community,” said West Hartford resident Omar Ibriham.

“It’s been amazing when we drove by we saw all the eggs on the field and we didn’t realize how big it was going to be,” said Ana Killings, who lives in Glastonbury.

The 20,000 eggs spread out across Conard High’s football field were scooped up in a matter of minutes.

Savannah Spears’ basket filled up fast.

“I just grabbed more at a time and put some in my pocket,” the 9-year-old said.

“I love this church cause they are very nice to me and they have fun activities,” added Izabelle Therion of Granby.

The event grows each year drawing more and more visitors, but for members who attend regularly, this Easter service is extra special.

“It’s been an amazing time, plus to see everyone out here having a good time sharing and having some fellowship,” said Killings.

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