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West Hartford Company Helps Power Hospital Beds

Legrand developed a power solution for a field hospital on Long Island.

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A West Hartford manufacturer that specializes in power and light solutions is adapting its products to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.

Scott Bausch, vice president and general manager of Legrand's Wiremold brand, said the company was contacted about creating a way to power 2,000 beds in a tent hospital.

Bausch said the company modified one of its existing designs to create a four-foot tall, freestanding power pedestal.

Legrand US
Temporary power pedestal at field hospital on Long Island

"I would say it's as quick as we've ever moved to get a brand new application to market," Bausch said. "Normally that process of developing a new product, figuring out how to manufacture it and taking it to market can take multiple months and we were actually able to produce the entire order in less than three business days."

Legrand US
Workers at Legrand in West Hartford working on temporary power pedestals

Bausch said 20 to 30 people at the West Hartford facility worked directly on that project. The company employs more than 600 people at that location.

Other divisions of Legrand's North & Central America operation are also involved in the COVID-19 response effort.

Bausch said one company shifted gears from making video screens to producing masks, while another is supporting General Motors' effort to make ventilators.

The company's Kenall brand developed a new type of lighting for field hospitals that it said can kill bacteria.

"It makes you feel really proud about who you are and what you do because we were able to help out in a lot of different instances," Bausch said.

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