West Hartford Couple Fears Travel Ban Will Keep Guests From Their Wedding

A West Hartford couple said they're feeling the "sting" from President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration and it's affecting a very special day for them.

Michelle Kayser and fiancé Mohamed Suliman have nearly all the details of their April wedding planned. Almost all of them.

The couple said they did not plan for President Donald Trump's executive order to restrict immigration from seven majority Muslim countries. One country on the list, Sudan, is where some of Mohamed's relatives and wedding guests live.

"Twenty or 30 were supposed to come," said Michelle Kayser.

Including one special guest.

"Actually a groomsman, so that affects our wedding a lot," said Kayser.

Mohammed was born in New York. His parents came to the U.S. From Sudan decades ago. The couple's wedding is the first for his family in the states.

"It seems to be out of our control right now and we are going to keep doing our best to make every one's together for our wedding and have everybody here," said Mohamed Suliman.

The couple who met in the seventh grade said they're working to ensure their special day remains special. And are now planning ways to share the day with those who are forced to miss it.

"It's sad to think as we get closure to our wedding day we're gonna have to think there's going to be empty seats and empty tables at our wedding that we were hoping to be filled by our loved ones," Kayser said.

"I would say love prevails. Where there's a will there's a way," Suliman said.

The couple said they will try whatever is possible within the confines of the new order. If they cannot have their families present, they will turn to online video calls.

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