Thea Digiammerino

West Hartford Elementary School Donates Thousands of Items of Local Food Pantry

Each year, students at Morley Elementary School collect donations then deliver them to the West Hartford food pantry using little red wagons.

The mission at Morley Elementary School in West Hartford is to spread kindness. For 25 years, that kindness has been shown with donations.

“It’s a great learning experience for our kids. We talk a lot about community and giving back at Morley,” said Ryan Cleary, Morley Elementary School’s principal.

With the help of little red wagons, the students bring their collections down to the West Hartford food pantry.

“The kids get to actually walk the food down here, deliver it directly to the food pantry and that makes the whole experience really authentic,” added Cleary.

“This is so fun. The kids have an absolute blast walking to and from,” said Katie O’Neil’s who accompanied her daughter for the 1.22 mile trek.

More than 2,000 food items were collected this year.

“There was so much food in addition to the wagon loads we had a carload of food that came,” said West Hartford Food Pantry Coordinator Nancy Stockman.

O’Neil said she liked the lesson the annual donation drive sends home.

“Really showing appreciation for the community and helping others in the long run,” O’Neil said.

“You can see the genuine excitement in the kids. They know they’re doing something kind, they know they’re making a difference, and they’re genuinely happy to do it,” added Stockman.

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