West Hartford Firefighter Helps Deliver Baby Girl

A West Hartford firefighter had a memorable call when a new baby decided she wasn't going to wait for mom to get to the hospital to come into the world.

Victoire Will is a former EMT who has responded to all types of emergency calls including expectant mothers to get to a hospital quickly.

Will thought that’s what one call would be too, but she was in for a surprise.

“We were having a pretty busy night,” Will said.

Willwas working her normal shift when a familiar call came through the scanner.

“A women 37 weeks pregnant,” said Will. “It was an imminent delivery status.”

West Hartford Fire Station 1 is right down the street from the family’s home.

“We found her in her home,” said Will.

The crew quickly realized the baby didn’t want to wait.

“The mother knew she needed to push and could feel the baby’s head,” said Will.

Will says she was preparing to get mom to the hospital.

“I told my crew you know maybe we need to get her out of here and that we needed to transport her,” said Will. “I turned back around and she’s having a baby.”

The crew only had a few seconds to switch gears and work together to bring the 6 pound, 10 ounce baby girl into the world.

“I think the fact that we get trained on a lot of the skills that we are required to know and do on a yearly basis helps,” said Will.

Will says the entire process comes with the territory but she’s glad to lend a helping hand.

“I just think that it’s a part of the scope of practice,” said Will. “It’s just something that you have to be prepared for.”

NBC Connecticut did reach out to the mother who says she and baby Kennedy are healthy.

The family has a 2-year-old who slept through the delivery upstairs.

The 2-year-old stayed behind with neighbors while mom and dad went to the hospital.

The family is back at home resting and enjoying their newborn.

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