West Hartford Mourns Girl Killed in Stabbing as Her Brother Faces Murder Charge

The West Hartford community is mourning the death of a girl, allegedly by the hands of her 12-year-old brother.

The suspect, who is accused of also stabbing his mother, is facing a murder charge.

Multiple locations around town opened the doors for people who just wanted to talk. There’s been counseling available for the school community, as well as first responders.

The mayor has called this a time to support each other, which they’re doing all across town.

A heartbroken community came together to grieve and pray at Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford

“I came here to show respect and support the family and the community,” said Debra Ofshay.

There’s a makeshift memorial on Stoner Drive. At a home up the road a girl was allegedly stabbed to death by her brother Monday.

Among the flowers, a note reads, “Rest in Peace. We Love You. All of West Hartford.”

“I have two of my own children. So being a mom, it’s hard to imagine a family having to go through something like this at this time,” Ofshay said.

Police say the boy also stabbed his mother. At last check she was in stable condition and was identified by her employer as Jane Murphy.

Chuck Coursey is a family friend.

“They’re so appreciative of the outpouring of prayers and support they have received,” he said.

West Hartford Police said the 12-year-old suspect was charged with murder with special circumstances and assault in the first degree. He was arraigned at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and now is in the custody of judicial marshals.

In Connecticut, children younger than 15 cannot be tried as an adult according to Jim Bergenn, a partner at Shipman & Goodwin.

“The legislature had made a judgment no matter how mature, no matter how bad the act, they’re still a child. They belong in a juvenile proceeding,” Bergenn said.

Legal experts said because of the suspect’s young age it’s likely this case will be sealed and we won’t find out what happens next. If convicted, it’s possible the boy would serve just several years.

In a statement the boy’s attorney, Trent LaLima, asked for privacy.

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