West Hartford Man Wants Safety Upgrades at Busy Intersection

Crossing a busy intersection can always be dangerous. But George Frazao, who is legally blind, says for people with disabilities, the current setup of the intersection at Prospect and Kane streets in West Hartford makes it virtually uncrossable.

Frazao says he's nearly been hit three times at the intersection of Prospect and Kane Streets.

“A truck came by, just took a right turn, I'm sure he wasn't looking and I actually felt the wind go by me and brush against my jacket,” he said.

Frazao said he walks the neighborhood every day and said this intersection is too dangerous.

“Any normal crosswalk, the traffic would stop all four ways, it does absolutely nothing,” he explained. At this intersection, that’s not the case, and he said there simply isn’t enough time to safely cross.

Frazao met with West Hartford officials in May. Signage has been added instructing motorists to yield to pedestrians, and a long term plan is in place to improve safety.

“So for this project we'll be able to install an audible signal. We'll also be able to improve the ramps the curb cuts and the actual crosswalk itself,” Matt Hart, West Hartford’s town manager said.

The project is estimated to cost between $30,000 and $50,000, which would come from the West Hartford budget. Hart says it could be completed by July 2020.

“We're committed to the project. We've completed the survey work and the design is underway,” Hart said.

In the meantime though, Frazao just wants more time to cross the road.

“For anybody that has a disability, let's say they're in a chair, or they walk slowly, you need that time to cross that street when traffic is not moving at all, “ he said.

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