High School Mascot Under Fire

A debate has erupted over Hall High School's Native American mascot.

For decades, Hall High School in West Hartford has used the image of a Native American as its Warrior mascot, but now the school is considering making a change.

A group of students complained to administrators that they find the image offensive.

While some students are apathetic, others have taken a stand.
"People have big opinions about it, but I don't because I'm leaving in a couple months," Alex Palliardi, a senior, said.

The debate has gotten the attention of administrators, who passed out a survey to students on Tuesday asking them which logo they'd like to see replace the existing Warrior.

The options included a wolf, a rhino and a plain letter H.

"I think they're just trying to stay away from groups of people. I think that's their safest bet," Abigail Cohen, a student at Hall, said. 

While Hall High School will likely retain the name warrior for its mascot, many students expect the old blue Native American image to be replaced soon.

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