West Hartford

West Hartford Officers Surprise 7-Year-Old at Her Lemonade Stand

Kelly Tobin

Several police officers in West Hartford came out to support a 7-year-old girl at her lemonade stand this weekend.

Kelly Tobin said her daughter invited some officers and sure enough, they showed up with nearly the entire on-call department!

The girl saw two officers on a walk last week and asked if they would come by. So, the officer set a reminder in his phone and showed up and made an appearance... with friends, too.

Kelly Tobin

Not only did the officers stop by, but they also stayed awhile and played games with the kids in the neighborhood. They played catch, tag and monkey in the middle.

Tobin said she is "so grateful to live in this town."

"It was such a heartfelt, kind action that shows how much the officers care about their community," Tobin said in a Facebook post.

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