West Hartford Police Revoke Los Imperios' Entertainment License

West Hartford police have revoked Los Imperios' entertainment license following a series of violations and a suspension.

The restaurant's entertainment license was suspended from July 18 after various disturbances and complaints about the business on Farmington Avenue.

In a letter dated Monday, West Hartford Police Chief Tracey Gove notified the restaurant's owner that the entertainment license will be revoked once the suspension period ends on August 2.

West Hartford first suspended the restaurant's entertainment license following a hearing about the restaurant's disturbance violations on July 17.

The suspension of the restaurant's entertainment license includes putting an end to the music but still allowing alcohol.

The town adopted an ordinance last October which requires businesses to turn off the music at least a half hour before they close.

But police found that a DJ at the restaurant played music past the allowable time for the entertainment ordinance.

Additionally, police said there have been fights and disturbances at the location multiple times.

In the letter, Gove wrote that the restaurant offered DJ entertainment despite the suspension and previous warnings and that the department received a noise complaint from neighbors as recently as July 20.

The business has the right to a hearing, which the police department has set for August 8.

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