West Hartford Third-Grader Gets Letter From Obama

A West Hartford third-grader is starting his summer vacation on a high note – he received a letter in the mail today from his newest fan, President Barack Obama himself.

Shaun Martin, Jr. wrote a book report on the life of the president as part of a Black History Month assignment at Saint Brigid School earlier this year. He so proud of his work, he wanted the president to see it.

“I got an A on it, so I wanted to send it to the president,” said the boy, who goes by Junior. “My parents sent it to the president and he sent me something back.”

While most of the other kids in his class chose to write about professional athletes and celebrities, Junior knew right away who he would pick. In return, Obama mailed Junior a signed photograph, a personal letter and pictures of his dogs, Bo and Sunny.

“He said always work hard and be the best you can be,” Junior explained.

Junior said he plans on keeping his new prized possessions forever and will never forget the moment he heard his story on the news.

“My dad yelled for me,” Junior said. “Then he showed me the letter and I read it, and I was so proud that I got it.”

The next day, Junior showed the letter to his classmates and teacher. Suddenly, he wasn’t the only one who was proud.

"We were absolutely surprised when Shaun came to school with a letter addressed to him from the President of the United States," said school principal Shevon Hickey, in a statement. "For Shaun to hear from the president that doing one's best at all times and hard work are two of the most important keys to success only reinforces what we teach our students each day. I'm sure this is something that Shaun and the other students will always remember."

Junior told NBC Connecticut he wants to play in the NBA when he grows up. He said the most interesting thing he learned about the president is that Obama was the only left-handed player on his basketball team.

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