Decision 2020

Hartford West Indian Community Celebrates Kamala Harris Election

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Leaders in Hartford commemorated the significance of the election of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a celebration Monday.

At the West Indian Social Club local officials came together to recognize and celebrate the historic election.

Mayor Luke Bronin, City Councilwoman Shirley Surgeon, and city leaders joined members of Hartford’s West Indian-American community to reflect on the significance of the election.

Harris is half Indian, half Jamaican and will become the first Black, first South Asian and first woman to hold the office of the vice president of the united states.
But the goal of Monday's event was not just to celebrate that, it was to share a message with all people.

"Hope… that’s what was brought to us today and this weekend is hope as the mayor said if you are a young female, young male don’t forget as long as you have hope there is always an opportunity for you in this country. Don’t give up we just gotta hang in there, no matter if you’re defeated or knock down. There’s an old Jamaican saying you get up you brush off your bottom and you start all over again,"Councilwoman Shirley Surgeon (D) said.

According to city officials, Hartford has the third-largest West Indian community in America. Mayor Luke Bronin said once we’re clear of COVID-19 he would like to invite the president-elect and vice president-elect for a formal celebration.

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