West Haven Beach Parking Fees Could Double For Non-Residents

If you plan to hit the beaches of West Haven, make sure to bring more money with you.

The price to park for non-residents is expected to go up this summer from $5 to $10. It's one of many solutions the mayor will bring to the city council after residents complained about the parking situation.

“I was getting a lot of complaints about non-residents coming in and parking so there was no room for the residents," West Haven Mayor Edward O'Brien said.

Off-street parking will be eliminated on some side streets close to the beach as well.

“We have a lot of out-of-town visitors, we want them to keep coming, but there’s a cost to maintain this, parking is problem for our residents," O'Brien added.

He said West Haven beaches have huge crowds in the summer and he doesn’t think that will change. The reaction of people walking along the beach’s boardwalk Monday was mixed.

“I think that’s probably going to be a deterrent for a lot of people including myself," said Robert Laccone of Derby.

“It is nice they let us use it and if we have to pay we have to pay," said Sue Curran of Naugatuck.

“It’s quite expensive sometimes to just come out and enjoy the day," said Marissa Simon of Ansonia.

The mayor said the extra revenue will help pay for city sponsored events like the Fourth of July celebration as well as beach up-keep.

“They need to make more lots available because most people would like to come down to the beach during the nice weather," said West Haven resident Susan Potter.

The city also plans to expand its patrol of resident parking lots to keep non-residents out. Those without stickers will be ticketed and towed. That means residents will no longer be able to use their license as proof if they don’t have a sticker.

“It’s kind of upsetting. So, I’m not going to come down as much unless I just walk," said Maureen Carofano, of West Haven.

Parking stickers will go out to residents with their tax bills in June. They’ll be valid for two years.

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