Compromise Reached in Location for Playground in Honor of Sandy Hook Victim

A special meeting was held on Monday night to address the proposed West Haven location of one of the 26 “Where Angels Play” playgrounds and a compromise was reached.

The New Jersey-based Sandy Ground Project wanted to build a playground in an area near the Savin Rock Boardwalk in honor of Charlotte Bacon, one of the Sandy Hook School shooting victims.

“I think the playground is a great idea,” Nikita Reddy, a West Haven resident, said. “I think that is actually a beautiful idea.”

However, members of the West Haven Land Trust, which owns the land, had concerns that this would open the door to future expansion.

Carol Conroy was opposed to the proposed location and said it would attract development of the shore area.

“We don’t want this to become a commercial area,” Conroy said.

Some residents said the playground should be placed further down the boardwalk, where there are other playgrounds.

“There is a partial playground down there on the beach; a blue one and if they added to that or put a new one in, somewhere where we can keep both sets of people happy,” Conroy said.

On Monday night, the City Council voted to change the location to Sea Bluff Beach.

Organizers hope to begin building in June.

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