West Haven Family Quarantined After Return from West Africa

A family of six from West Haven has been quarantined after returning from West Africa, according to Mayor Edward O’Brien. They do not have any symptoms, the mayor said.

The quarantine is precautionary and complies with an emergency order Gov. Dannel Malloy issued earlier this month to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus in the state of Connecticut.

On. Oct. 7, Malloy signed an order that gives the Commissioner the Department of Public Health the ability to quarantine anyone who might have been exposed to the Ebola virus.

About a week later, after a Yale University student was in isolation with Ebola-like symptoms, Malloy issued stricter guidelines, requiring anyone who traveled to affected areas or was in contact with an infected individual, to stay at home for 21 days and take his or her temperature twice a day. 

Public heath health workers will contact residents by phone twice a day by phone to see how they are doing. 

Anyone who develops a fever or other symptoms that suggest the Ebola virus during the quarantine period will be sent to a hospital for evaluation and placed in room separate from other patients.

In accordance with the order, the family will quarantined in their home for 21 days.

Malloy's order also calls for anyone who became sick with a fever a fever with and/or any of the symptoms of Ebola virus disease such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and  traveled to Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea in the last 21 days or had contact with a person who has Ebola virus disease to be sent to the hospital to be evaluated and placed in isolation.

The Yale student who was quarantined tested negative for Ebola.

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