West Haven Man Arrested on Gun Charges in New Haven

New Haven police arrested a man on gun charges after an off-duty New Haven police officer reported hearing gunshots.

Anthony Martinez, 20, of West Haven was charged with criminal possession of a pistol and carrying a pistol without a permit.

Officers responded to the area of 353 Sherman Avenue just before 3:30 p.m. Saturday after Officer Chad Curry, who was off duty at the time, called in a report of gunshots. Curry said he got out of his car to investigate and a man in a window told him he’d seen someone shooting from a yard, police said.

When Curry entered the yard he was approached by a suspect, later identified as Martinez, with a gun in his hand. Martinez demanded to know what Curry was doing. Curry claimed he was looking for his lost dog and left the yard to call police.

Officers Elvin Rivera and Joshua Smereczynsky responded. PWhen they took Martinez into custody they found two guns, a Rohm R638 .38 caliber revolver and an ERA Armentina 20 gauge shotgun, police said. Martinez did not have proper permits for the firearms. He also had an outstanding warrant for drug charges out of West Haven.

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