West Haven Police Investigating Homicide of Woman Found Dead

Police discovered the body of a woman with "significant injuries" in a West Haven apartment on Saturday and deemed her death a homicide. 

West Haven Police said they are currently on the scene of 89 Coleman Street address apartment. They found the body of a woman between the ages of 25 and 30 deceased,  police said. Police told NBC Connecticut news that the woman had severe lacerations consistent with a knife or edge type weapon.

Patricia Folson said she knew something was wrong when she came to her adopted daughter’s door Saturday morning and tried multiple times to ring the doorbell with no response. Folson said it is her only daughter, 26-year-old Keneata Nicholas. Police have confirmed the identity.

"Her neighbor came down and asked me was I doing it for her, for Keneata, and I said yes. She said, ‘the baby’s screaming and I heard big loud thump like somebody fell,’" Folson recalled.

Folson said she had just talked to her daughter on the phone at 7:05 Saturday morning. Folson said she arrived outside her daughter’s home twenty minutes later. She planned to drop Nicholas off at her housekeeping job at the nearby Hampton Inn and babysit her son while she worked. When Nicholas didn't answer her calls, Folson alerted police.

"We found her on the ground, on the floor, in the living room. She was on the coffee table with glass and stuff all over the floor," Folson said.

Her 7-month-old son sat crying nearby. All day, police could be seen combing the Mallard Crossings Condominium Complex for clues. West Haven police said the victim’s death was ruled suspicious and was being investigated as a homicide.

"She definitely did not deserve to be murdered. She didn’t deserve anything. She was just a good girl. She was a good girl," said Antonio Chamblee, a friend and father of Nicholas’s 5-year-old daughter.

Chamblee said he was struggling to figure out how to tell his little girl that her mother is gone.

"Ask the Lord the words to tell her, because I have no idea what to tell her," added Chamblee.

Those closest to Nicholas said they believed they knew who killed her.

"I begged her to change the locks, I asked her so we did everything to get her to stop this," Folson said.

Police confirmed that this was a domestic situation and that the public is not in danger.

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