Westport Police Buys First Tesla Squad Car in Conn.

Westport Police Department

Westport Police Department has bought the first Tesla Model 3 squad car in the state.

The vehicle is fully electric and has a 310 mile range, police said.

It has been delivered and is being outfitted with police equipment including emergency lights, siren, a computer, a weapon rack and tires capable of sustained speeds of over 100 miles per hour, according to officers.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas said he was impressed by the superior performance, 5-star crash ratings and collision avoidance technology that's available in the Tesla Model 3. Officers do not plan to use the autopilot feature.

The department said they spent more on the initial purchase for the Tesla Model 3 compared to buying another Ford Explorer, but said they plan to save money on things including maintenance and gasoline in the long run.

The Westport Police Department plans to host an open house in the spring so residents can come see the new Tesla in person and learn about how it's helping the department.

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