Westport Playwright Finds Success Off Broadway

Amy Holson-Schwartzever's dream has come true.

The 2002 graduate of Westport’s Staples High School wrote “Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke,” and it's playing to sold out shows in New York City, Wesport Now reports.

This is Holson-Schwartzever's first full-length play and it opened on July 17 at the Beckett at Theatre Row on 42and Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues.

“It’s considered Off-Off Broadway since it’s a nonunion theater with only 99 seats,” she told the News.

Her play is a romantic comedy about religiously observant and nonobservant Jewish partners. The last performance is Friday at 8 p.m.

According to Jewish Week, “the play has been described as ‘Scrubs’ meets ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ with a Jewish twist.”

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” Holson-Schwartz said about seeing her work brought to life. “These are words that came out of my head, and now they’re being spoken by people on stage, and the audience is laughing. It’s truly amazing.”

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