Wethersfield Police Ask Homeowners to Register Security Cameras

Wethersfield Police are teaming up with homeowners who have surveillance cameras in order to have an extra set of eyes to potentially catch thieves in the act.

"We’re asking people that have home video surveillance systems with recording capabilities to submit their name and contact info to us and that they’d be willing to share that video in the event that there was an incident," said Lt. Andrew Power with the Wethersfield Police Department.

The information given by residents would go into a private database available to police.

"Someone has a camera at their home we’re going to reach out to them the next day and say hey we had an incident happen on oxford st last night… can you look at the video or could we look at the video with you," said Power.

And getting that information could more quickly solve a case.

The police department said they are aware of about 20 homes with surveillance cameras, but think there could be more out there.

Contact Wethersfield police if you’re interested in participating in the program.

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