Wethersfield School Fights Bullies With Buckets

Bullying is clearly a major issue facing schools across the country. At the Webb School in Wethersfield, buckets are the primary tools of prevention.

Fifth grader Vanessa Valle explains the concept.

"Everyone has an invisible bucket above your head. Bucket filling is like being nice to someone and bucket dipping is pretty much bullying someone: being mean, calling them names", says the 11 year old.

The idea comes from two children's' books and was incorporated into practice as part of Webb's character program. The fifth grade has taken the lead.

You see evidence of the bucket filling throughout the school. Some classes have bulletin boards where kids will compliment each other. And they've started decorating ceiling tiles in the hallways as well."

"It's now a permanent reminder for this group, one that they're spreading word, I call them my crusaders here to share the bucket filling idea, and they're become the leaders", says principal Elise Guari.

Fifth graders wrote their own books about bullying, and have shared them with the younger classes. Jacob Naldi believes his is special.

"It's about Henry and he's getting bullied for his size in middle school, just like I was. I was a victim of getting bullied", says the diminutive fifth grader who struggled with his height for several years.

"The little stuff --you can you can push away, but the really serious stuff, like when you got choked, that's important because it makes the reader go on and want to read to find out what happens."

Through this year's program, Jacob has come to realize that his struggles with bullying have made him stronger. It's something he hopes to pass on Webb's younger kid who look up to him in more ways than one.

"I think writing these stories will help get more buckets filled than dipped", he says.

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