What to Believe on Cap & Trade

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According to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, her Democratic opponent has been flip-flopping on the cap-and- trade issue. 

That's a proposed clean energy policy that could increase the taxes way pay on energy-related products.

McMahon says Democrat Richard Blumenthal, currently Connecticut's attorney general, was one of several attorneys general around the nation who signed a letter, urging Congressional leaders to pass a cap-and-trade bill. She said it means Blumenthal, in essence, is on record favoring a national energy tax.

Blumenthal has responded by saying the letter simply says he, and the others who signed it, favor passing some form of the House of Representatives version of Cap-and Trade.  But he also said the letter points out  the bill needs work and that a number of changes must be made to make it acceptable.

McMahon said, however, Blumenthal is then caught on camera telling an individual at a campaign stop that he's against cap-and- trade. She said that's been a trademark of the Blumenthal campaign, that he first says one thing and then changes his mind.

McMahon said cap-and-trade would have a disastrous effect on Connecticut's economy, citing a study by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, which says a homeowner would see an increase of $925 in energy bills, gasoline would go up by 68 cents and that the state would lose 13,500 jobs.

Blumenthal said McMahon is using phony numbers and that her attacks against him are dead wrong. He also said he's the one candidate who is fighting for tax cuts for middle class families.

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