What to Expect at the Grocery Store this Thanksgiving

With less than a week to go until Thanksgiving, people are stocking up on their turkeys and all the fixings.

The owner of Highland Park Market, Tim Devanney, is advising people to shop early.

“I would say do it in two trips. Get out this weekend, buy all the dry goods, buy everything that you can ahead of time that is non-perishable. Then try and make it a quick trip on Tuesday or Wednesday for the perishable items,” said Devanney.

Grocery stores were warned that there would be a short supply of food items this year and distributors would start limiting the number of cases of food stores can order in November. That is why Highland Park Market started buying Thanksgiving items in early October.

“We really started hiding and kind of hoarding products so that we had it for our customers," Devanney said. “It's definitely something that we're prepared for, but it took a lot of planning to get to that spot.”

The price of turkeys has also increased.

“Fresh turkeys, usually you see an increase of 15 cents in a bad year. We saw an increased cost of 65 cents a pound this year. So, the pricing has really gotten a lot higher for this holiday season. We’re trying to keep it as low as we can, but the cost coming in the door is definitely higher across the board, Devanney said.

Devanney said the market is also getting fewer orders for the smaller pre-made Thanksgiving dinners compared to last year, a sign that people are gathering together in larger groups this year.

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