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What to Know About Dangers from Wind Gusts of October Nor'easter

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A strong Nor'easter has been bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the state. Ledge Light has reported wind gusts over 60 miles per hour.

Forecast for wind gusts
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Wind advisories are in effect and gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects, such as Halloween decorations.

In the event of a wind advisory, the National Weather Service advises that objects that are outdoors should be secured.

You should also use caution if you are driving in high winds.

As the winds continue, here is what you should know about the dangers wind speeds pose.

Wind Between 32 and 38 Miles Per Hour

According to the National Weather Service, winds between 32 and 38 miles per hour are near-gale force. That means whole trees could move.  

Wind Between 39 and 46 Miles Per Hour

Winds between 39 and 46 miles per hour are gale force and can break twigs and small branches. Winds this high generally hinder walking outside.

Wind Between 47 and 54 Miles Per Hour

Winds between 47 and 54 miles per hour are considered strong gale force.

That is when structural damage can occur, such as chimney covers and roofing tiles blown off, according to the National Weather Service.

Wind Between 55 and 63 Miles Per Hour

Winds between 55 and 63 miles per hour are Whole Gale and considerable structural damage can occur, especially on roofs.

Small trees might be blown over and uprooted when winds get that strong.

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