George Floyd

‘What's On Your Mind?': Anger, Demands for Change after Death of George Floyd

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George Floyd was laid to rest in Houston on Tuesday, two weeks after he died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into the handcuffed, unarmed black man’s neck for nearly nine minute, all while Floyd cried out, “I can’t breathe.’

Protests have been held, coast to coast and around the world,  with people expressing outrage over Floyd’s death and calling for fundamental change when it comes to policing.

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The pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic have been compounded with demonstrations everywhere, demanding change in the face of racial injustice. As protests in other parts of the country went from chaotic early on to then more calm, gatherings in Connecticut have remained peaceful.

Many people are just wondering what else 2020 could possibly bring.

Here is some of what you wanted to share with us.

I am calling about George Floyd. It is so sad what happened to him. I have black son. I am scared for my son’s life. I tell him to ‘throw your hands up and don’t move’. You know, all we can do is pray for this nation. That’s what’s on my mind.

Regina, Bristol

White, black, the cops have to abide by law. You don’t do that to someone for eight minutes. I don’t care who you are. It’s a tragedy.


It's going to take love and peace. There's nothing wrong with peaceful protesting.

Brenda, North Stonington

What’s on my mind is it’s bad enough we have a virus, but these people blocking the highway so people can't get home is ridiculous.

Diane, Meriden

Hearing all that’s going on with the pandemic and with the protest and everything, it makes my heart sad. It’s just heartbreaking.

Lorraine, Southington

Hundreds of mourners visited the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Texas, to pay their respects at the funeral of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25. Floyd’s death has sparked weeks of protests against police brutality in cities around the world.

“I think that during this pandemic with everything that’s going on, we should just try to be a little more peaceful.”

John, 11 Years Old

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