‘What's On Your Mind?': Concern, Confusion for CT Hair Salons

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What’s On Your Mind? It is a simple question. But during the coronavirus crisis, the answers are anything but simple. NBC Connecticut has heard from hundreds of callers sharing what they and their families are dealing with at this time.

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"I'm a hairdresser and we are being forced to dress like nurses and doctors that are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 to do hair,” said Melissa, a hairstylist who works at a salon in southeastern Connecticut.

It is all about the dollars and cents. And if we go back to work, is it worth it? Or is it going to cost more to have the salon even be open?

Gretchen, Hamden

Sounds like it’s going to be a stressful situation for the client and the employee to be working under those conditions.


If the state is going to do this and let us not do the work we can do or make the money we should be able to make, then we should stay home and not come back to work.

Christine, Hamden

Wait for another phase when we can completely go back to work when it’s completely safe and not doing half the job.

Roseanne, Hamden

When hair salons and barbershops begin to reopen on May 20, stylists will walk into a new world, unlike what they left a few weeks ago. Right now, there are some of the big concerns in the beauty business.

Many people have been giving themselves haircuts at home for more than two months now. There has been no alternative, with salons forced to shut down because of COVID-19.

With each passing day, the financial struggle for barbers and stylists has become more serious. Many local stylists say they are ready to return to work but that the state’s plan for reopening is far from perfect. Others in the state's beauty industry believe reopening next week is too soon and poses health risks.

Salons should not have to wear face masks and shields and body armor and all this stuff.

Joni, Prospect

Many of our salons in the state have ten to eighty-plus stylists working in one location. Start opening small salons that have the control over their locations.

Michael, Danbury

I think they’re making a big mistake by doing that right now. I think it’s too early.

George, East Hartford

May 20 is way, way, way too early and too deadly for salons to reopen. I know people are scared about money, but, please, please, I beg you. We need to push this date out, please.

Anonymous, Southington

If we do not have healthy people, we can’t have a healthy economy.

Stacy, Wolcott

The guidelines for hair salons opting to reopen are as follows:

For Hair Salons:

  • Maximum 50 percent capacity
  • Appointments only
  • Waiting rooms closed
  • Workstations six feet apart
  • Physical barriers where possible
  • Contactless payments preferred
  • Tools soaked in disinfectant between clients
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes at entrance points
  • High-contact areas and bathrooms cleaned frequently
  • Limit conversation where possible.
  • Employees to wear face masks and face shields or eye protection
  • Employees to provide clean smock for each customer
  • Customers to wear face masks or cloth face coverings
  • Increased ventilation and airflow where possible

NBC Connecticut wants to know more about how you and your family are getting through this.

What's On Your Mind? Call us at (860) 880-2844.

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