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What's On Your Mind?: Confusion, Gratitude Months into COVID-19 Crisis

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As Connecticut attempts to get back to some kind of normal life, many people in the state remain concerned about the coronavirus and the potential for a surge in cases.

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There is still a lot on your mind amid the COVID-19 crisis, including worry about health risks as the state continues to open back up. Many callers have questions about how they will get back to work - or even just make ends meet.

With all the new rules and restrictions of this new normal, there remains confusion about who should get tested and where.

There are also people who are realizing what - and who - we can count on in these difficult times.

Here is some of what you wanted to share.

Once the state decides what its new normal is, I have to then find what my new normal will be.


"We cannot get rid of this unless we all do the same thing, meaning protection, safety and thinking of the other guy."

Lorraine, Windham

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"We're concerned about the recent opening of churches and houses of worship - especially for older people."

Carol, New London  

I have a residential cleaning business and I intend to go back to work next week, hopefully. I have reservations about going into people's homes and it's making me nervous.

Beverly, Wallingford

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"I've been worried about my son, Joshua. He's a chef, so he's been out of work for a little while. Signed up for unemployment and it's been eight weeks now and he hasn't gotten a penny from them."
Michelle, Meriden

"Is the goal that everybody should get tested, whether you have symptoms or not? And when do you distinguish whether you should get the regular corona test to see if you have it or whether you should get the antibody test?"
Joe, Ridgefield

This pandemic has also made me so very grateful for my family.

Candy, Bristol
Doctor in coat with stetoscope

"I want to give a great shout out to the first responders, the nurses, the doctors, the hospitals for taking the risk. I thank them for that."


I'm grateful for what I have and I wish the best for everyone. And I know we will get over this, I know.


NBC Connecticut wants to know more about how you and your family are getting through this.

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We hope you are staying safe - and we hope to hear from you today.

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