‘What's On Your Mind?': Hope, Frustration After Phase 1 Reopening

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One week ago, Connecticut took a significant step amid the coronavirus crisis. Many businesses reopened, but only after making some major changes. You and your family are likely dealing with some big adjustments, too.

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A week into phase one of Connecticut's reopening plan, health concerns remain as more people begin to venture out of their homes. Financial frustration has yet to go away for families across the state. And, for many people, there is constant worry for loved ones.

But, amid the pain of a pandemic, some people are finding themselves on a quest for something deeper. Others are enjoying the simple things that had been taken for granted just a few months ago.

Here is some of what you wanted to share with us.

Our family has decided to just stay local, just go to the stores when we need it, and just take beautiful walks in the neighborhood.

Regina, Windsor

Today we went to Hammonasset. There was no social distancing. People did not wear face masks.

Colleen/New Britain

I saw a group of about eight to twelve teenage girls walking down the sidewalk shoulder-to shoulder having a good time talking and everything and not a one of them had a mask on.

Michael, Northeastern Connecticut

Can’t reach unemployment. You email, you call; it does no good. We don’t have the money to live.

connecticut department of labor

My mother is in the best nursing home possible and they are so good to her, yet, she’s still so depressed. You can’t keep family away. Family is just as important as their medication.


I went shopping for the first time - pleasure shopping. And, yes, I got quite a few bargains. It was nice to be able to do that kind of shopping again.

Ginger, Enfield
persona con una bata de médico blanca y un estetoscopio

I thank all the nurses, doctors, hospitals keeping us alive - me being one of them.

Richard, Danbury

NBC Connecticut wants to know more about how you and your family are getting through this.

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We hope you are staying safe - and we hope to hear from you today.

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