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‘What's On Your Mind?': Outrage, Gratitude Over Eversource Storm Response

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It has been a stressful week across Connecticut. On top of the COVID-19 pandemic, came widespread power outages from Tropical Storm Isaias. Many people have been directing their anger at Eversource Energy, the state’s largest utility.

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When the storm blew through the state last Tuesday, the lights went out for hundreds of thousands of people. The power stayed out for days in many communities. Right after the storm, many people took aim at Eversource’s preparation, planning and response. There was also support for the crews working to get the power restored.

Here is some of what you wanted to share with us.

This storm has pushed me over the edge and all I can say is, Eversource’s response is bogus. It’s B.S.

Enjae, West Hartford
NBC Connecticut
An uprooted tree took out wires in West Hartford
Eversource trucks parked on a street in Southington
NBC Connecticut
Eversource lineman work to restore power in an area of Southington on Friday, three days after Tropical Storm Isaias.

I believe that Eversource should give a voucher to all of the Eversource clients to make up for the loss of food that we had to throw out.

[UGCHAR-CJ] Tree fell into house
Tim Hotaling
Middlebury, Conn.

There’s something definitely wrong with the way the system is working and how they’re organizing where they’re going to restore power.

Lorraine, Brookfield
[UGCHAR-CJ-weather] Rosedale Rd. West Hartford.
Laura Marchese
Rosedale Road, West Hartford
eversource lineman working in a bucket truck
NBC Connecticut
An Eversource lineman worked to restore power on Lancaster Road in Bristol on Monday.

Something should really seriously be done about looking into alternate sources of having electricity provided to the state of Connecticut, because Eversource has dropped the ball.

Susan, Bristol

I think they did the best can. This is a natural disaster. And instead of investigating them for lack of performance, they should be congratulating them and saying, ‘you know what? Nice job.’

Gary, Riverton
[UGCHAR-CJ] brockett farm rd in north haven
matthew kriedel
Brockett Farm Road in North Haven

All these people that are complaining about no power and how long it’s taking; how many of their trees that the power company has no authority to take down took down power lines and they’re still complaining when these guys are working almost around the clock to restore power.

Ray, Canterbury

In response to ‘What’s On Your Mind’, an Eversource spokesperson provided the following statement to NBC Connecticut this week.

“We were prepared. We always prepare for severe weather and were watching Isaias days in advance. We had our crews and additional help ready to go, based on the best information available at that time,” wrote Mitch Gross, Eversource Connecticut Media Relations.

“When Isaias turned more to the west and slammed Connecticut with its high winds, we adjusted our plan and began bringing in more resources,” Gross wrote. “Additional resources poured into the state to where at this moment, we have more than 2,500 line crews and tree crews at work. We remain focused on one thing – doing everything we can do to restore power to our remaining affected customers as quickly and safely as possible.”

NBC Connecticut wants to know more about how you and your family are getting through this.

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