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‘What's On Your Mind?': Your Thoughts During COVID-19

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What’s On Your Mind? It is a simple question. But during the coronavirus crisis, the answers are anything but simple. NBC Connecticut has heard from hundreds of callers sharing what they and their families are dealing with at this time.

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Here is some of what people have shared so far.

I lost my dad from COVID-19 on April 4. I almost lost my mom to COVID-19. I could not imagine losing both of my parents at the same time. But, thankfully my mom made it home from the hospital. I just wish the world would understand what we’re going through.

Lakeisha, Bloomfield

“I am so grateful for all the work of all the nurses and doctors and first responders and anybody else who comes in contact with COVID-19. I’m living on a very, very low fixed income. And I’m worried that I won’t have enough food to eat; just like many other people.”
- Meryl

I am a health care worker. I have no gear. I have no masks. I’m so overwhelmed with all this stuff that’s going on.

Veronica, New Haven

“We’re told we’re supposed to wear masks wherever we go. Where on earth are we supposed to find them? They don’t have them anywhere.” -Arnie, Avon

I have no money, no income, no nothing. I tried to get involved with the unemployment; nothing happens. I can’t get anywhere.

Janet, Naugatuck

The coronavirus has been bad enough and financial distress is even worse. Get us back to work

face masks and gloves

It’s time to put the masks and gloves on and go back to work. Enough is enough.

-Anonymous, Norwich

My father was diagnosed with this a couple weeks ago and was hospitalized and I also have a good close friend who was also diagnosed. So, this is real.

-Markie, West Hartford

I’m very isolated. Pretty much, I never hardly go out unless I go in my car and I go for a ride every day, just for mental health.

-Priscilla, East Windsor

I’m scared and I’m afraid. That’s it.


NBC Connecticut wants to know more about how you and your family are getting through this.

What's On Your Mind? Call us at (860) 880-2844.

We hope you are staying safe - and we hope to hear from you today.

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